“Utility Bill Portal is a digital innovation improving the customer experience for more than fifteen thousand Large Origin Energy Customers.”

What are the Digital Utility Awards?

The Digital Utility Awards are a unique celebration of the people, projects, and organizations at the forefront of digital utility transformation.

On Thursday 22nd October 2020, Bill Identity (Bid) was recognized as the winner for the ‘best digital innovation that focuses on improving customer outcomes and experience.’

Our submission has been acknowledged for our Utility Bill Portal solution and our use of robotic process automation to fully automate utility bill management.

We want to acknowledge the judges, Andrew Dillon, from Energy Networks Australia; Adam Lovell from Water Services Association of Australia; Tony Martin from EY and Faye Griffiths from Accenture who would have spent hours reading over many submissions.

And we would also like to thank the other very worthy category finalists Energy Queensland, Hunter Water, Jemena, Queensland Urban Utilities, and United Energy and Water Corporation.  We are very humbled to take home the winner’s trophy when we were against such impressive competition who delivered exceptional customer-centric initiatives.


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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and how does it improve the utility customer experience?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to software programmed to do tasks across applications just as human workers do. The software is taught to understand workflows that have multiple steps and multiple applications.  These include scanning utility bills, sending receipted messages, being able to check the accuracy of the utility bills, and the ability to identifying anomalies too.  Many other manual tasks that traditionally result in repetitive manual work that require many working hours.

Bid, an ASX-listed company, leverages RPA technology to fully automate Utility Bill Management and creates value out of every bill.


How is RPA used to innovate customer experiences?

Our mission is to eradicate all time-consuming tasks of traditional manual or semi-manual bill management processes in the Utilities Sector; this is our point of difference as our competitors still rely on manual or semi-manual processes.

RPA is perfect for data-rich sectors like utilities, where pricing structures and calculating charges are often complex & highly repeatable.  Bid’s team of innovators developed the world’s fastest-growing global RPA Bill Management Solution, it’s able to automate even the most complex utility bill management work processes.  And our transparent subscription pricing model allows companies to smooth out pricing, and you can access data faster and whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.


Bid’s Utility Bill Portal

Utility Bill Portal can reduce your cost to serve, cost to acquire, improve customer experience, and get closer to the customer with Bid’s Utility Bill Portal.

The Utility Bill Portal is a perfect solution for water utilities, energy retailers, and telecommunication companies looking to digitalize their platforms or customer journey and gain a competitive edge by improving customer experience.


How Utility Bill Portal can help?

Mid 2019, Bill Identity partnered with Origin Energy to deploy its RPA bill automation platform that has drastically improved the customer experience of its large portfolio of commercial and industrial (C&I) customers.  The self-serve element of Utility Bill Portal dramatically reduces the cost of managing requests for bills and data from customers and third parties.  Origin is the first Australian Energy retailer to adopt an RPA-enabled customer-facing platform to improve its customer experience and reduce its cost to serve.


How can Utility Bill Portal help the end customer?

Customers can experience a simple, customer-friendly, data-rich experience using an easy-access live platform for immediate access to bills, meter data, customized reports and analytics, and online communications, especially important in a dynamic and highly competitive marketplace.


 How does it all work?

Utility Bill Portal is underpinned by RPA technology that collects bills issued to customers and validates the usage, rates, and charges against contracts, meter data, and network/utility tariffs.  It’s capable of processing thousands of bills in minutes, and the cloud-based robotic platform removes human intervention delivering speedy and accurate outcomes for multi-site customers that simply cannot be achieved by manual or semi-automated approaches.


Is it easy to use and implement?

Bill Identity’s solutions are cloud-based and require no IT integration or setup fees, resulting in faster deployment with minimal customer investment.  Customer can access all their historical invoices and data in just seconds. Deeper levels of utility use insights are possible in just a few clicks anytime, anywhere.


How is Bid different from the others?

Commercialized in 2013, we have transformed the world of bill management with its robotic workforce, starting with just a handful of sites to a business that now manages more than 110,000 meters over 37 countries and over $1.0B of Energy spend alone.

Much consultation has resulted in the agile development roadmap over the last 5 years. It improves our SaaS offering yearly to ensure that it can deliver the fastest, most accurate, cost-efficient RPA solutions.  Our mission is to eradicate all manual, time-consuming tasks of traditional manual or semi-manual bill management processes.  We’re doing bills better!


Utility Bill Portal is perfect for utility companies wanting to reduce their cost to serve, cost to acquire, improve customer experience, and get closer to the customer.



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