Utility Bill Portal

Reduce your cost to serve & acquire, improve client experience, and get closer to the customer with Bid’s Utility Bill Portal.

Bid’s Utility Bill Portal is an ideal solution for water utilities, energy retailers, and telecommunication companies looking to digitalize their business and gain a competitive edge by improving client experience.

Utility Bill Portal leverages the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to fuel its automated bill portal solution. Suitable for large, complex multisite, corporate & industrial (C&I), and small to medium (SME) businesses, the robust SaaS solution is hosted on the AWS platform and can be quickly deployed, requires minimal IT integration, and integrates seamlessly with any data lake, billing system, or CRM.

Utility Bill Portal


Bid’s Utility Bill Portal is a perfect solution for large, complex utility companies that want to improve their client experience quickly and with minimal IT integration. Developing a customer portal solution that caters to end-users demands can be costly, timely, and tie up valuable resources. Companies looking for a robust, tried-and-tested way to improve the customer experience, NPS, and provide additional value-add opportunities should consider the Bid Utility Bill Portal.

Solving your Pain Points

  • Need to digitize your customer’s experience
  • Desire to reduce your cost to serve for the overall category
  • Require a single customer view
  • Looking for a fast, flexible, and cost-effective client portal solution with minimal IT integration
  • Wanting a more cost-effective way to acquire new customers
  • Decrease your costs incurred during contract leakage, bill validation, tariff and demand resets

Why us

  • First RPA-powered UBM platform, trusted by several market-leading energy providers to improve their customer experience
  • Customizable SaaS solution that is fast to deploy with minimal IT integration
  • Quickly reduce your cost to serve for the overall category
  • Improve customer retention and quickly resolve customer queries with one source of truth
  • Utility Bill Portal capability was acknowledged as a 2020 Digital Utilities Awards finalist for Best Customer Innovation


end user experience

Improved end-user customer experience, improved NPS and retention rates, and segment cost to serve savings

imporoved data

Improves data completeness and integrity for customer portfolios benefiting retailers and end-users

automated audit

Automated audit & process assurance for accounts payable teams


Robust AWS cloud-hosted platform, able to accommodate any necessary data lake, billing system, and integrates with retailers’ CRM

white label

Customizable white-labeled solution with your branding to help streamline the customer journey


Streamline configuration and modularize elements of our full RPA solution suite

customer service access

Retail customer service teams can access the same historical information as the end-user to quickly resolve queries


A capable SaaS solution; quick to deploy, with no upfront CapEx to get started


  • Digitize your customer journey, reduce the cost to serve, and get closer to your customer through live data and value-added services


  • Developing effective in-house client portal solutions can be costly, timely, and resource-intensive. Companies wanting a robust, tried-and-tested way to improve the client experience, NPS, and provide the end-user additional value add with no upfront CapEx, should consider the Bid Utility Bill Portal


  • End-users will be able to self-serve all of their historical billing and current electricity data in seconds, supported with sophisticated key spend management reporting capability that extends further than their energy commodity spend


  • The SaaS platform is hosted on the secure AWS cloud and its ease of configuration and integration means both retailers and end-users can be up and running and leveraging the benefits faster
  • Any integration with a retailer’s data lake, billing systems, or CRM can be easily accommodated


  • An additional benefit of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform is the automatic validation of all data to improve completeness and integrity


This information represents the core bid platform capability, access to all functionality may vary depending on geographical location. To better understand the capability for your country please reach out to an experienced local representative.

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Case study

Iconic Energy Company

This Tier One energy giant was facing a series of challenges across the large Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customer base cost to serve, third party requests and a limited digital customer experience lacked key data access & self-service functionality.
As a household name in the Utility sector, this company has approximately 5,500 employees and operates both generation and retail in all states of Australia.
The company was dissatisfied with its large C&I customer engagement, high segment cost to serve and the number of ad-hoc customer requests that were being incurred as a result of the current client portal not fulfilling the sophisticated end client requirements.
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Recently listed as a 2020 Digital Utilities Awards finalist for Best Customer Innovation

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