Energy is a complex category, what can make it even more complex in Australia is the use of acronyms and highly technical language.

It’s our aim to break down this complexity.  If you understand the category better you can make more educated and informed decisions when you purchase Energy in Australia.


ABS: Australian Bureau of Statistics

ACCC: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Access arrangement: An arrangement for third party access to a pipeline provided by a service provider and approved by the relevant regulator in accordance with the Gas Code

Access regulation: Arrangements to provide existing and potential competitors in an existing market with access to essential facilities at reasonable terms and conditions, for example, parts of the gas, electricity, and telecommunications industries

ACL: Australian Consumer Law

Advocacy Panel: The Advocacy Panel of the National Electricity Code was established in 2003 to grant funds to representatives of domestic and business electricity customers for advocacy on the development on the National Electricity Code and the national electricity market

AEMA: Australian Energy Market Agreement

AEMC: Australian Energy Market Commission

AEMO: Australian Energy Market Operator

AGS: Australian Government Solicitor

AMI: Advanced Metering Infrastructure

APIA: Australian Pipeline Industry Association

ASIC: Australian Securities and Investments Commission

ASX: Australian Stock Exchange



BB: National Gas Market Bulletin Board (NGMBB)



CAM: Cost Allocation Method

CAPEX: Capital Expenditure

CAPM: Capital Asset Pricing Model

CBA: Cost–Benefit Assessment

CCA: Competition and Consumer Act 2010

CCG: Consumer Consultative Group

CCGT: Combined Cycle Gas Turbine

CCP: Consumer Challenge Panel

CDPP: Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution

CIR: Congestion Information Resource

CIS: Competition Impact Statement

COAG: Council of Australian Governments

CPI: Consumer Price Index

CPRS: Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme

CPT: Cumulative Price Threshold

CRG: Consumer Reference Group

CRNP: Cost Reflective Network Pricing

CSG: Coal Seam Gas



DAC: Depreciated Actual Cost

DNSP: Distribution Network Service Provider

DORC: Depreciated Optimised Replacement Cost

DPI: Victorian Department of Primary Industries

DRA: Dispute Resolution Adviser

DRP: Draft Statement of Regulatory Principles

DUOS: Distribution Use Of System



EAG: Energy Action Group

EBSS: Efficiency Benefit Sharing Scheme

EDPR: Electricity Distribution Price Review

ENA: Energy Networks Australia

ENM: Embedded Network Manager

ERA: Economic Regulation Authority of WA

ERAA: Energy Retailers Association of Australia

ESAA: Electricity Supply Association of Australia

ESCoSA: Essential Services Commission of South Australia

ESCV: Essential Services Commission of Victoria

ESIPC: Electricity Supply Industry Planning Council

EUAA: Energy Users Association of Australia

EUG: Energy Users Group



FAR: Final Approval Request

FCA: Federal Court of Australia

FCAS: Frequency Controlled Ancillary Services

FIT: Feed-in Tariff

FOI: Freedom of Information

FRC: Full Retail Competition



Gas Law: National Gas Law (NGL)

Gas Rules: National Gas Rules (NGR)

GJ: Gigajoule

GSL: Guaranteed Service Level

GSOO: Gas Statement of Opportunities

GST: Goods and Services Tax

GW: Gigawatt

GWh: Gigawatt hour



ICB: Initial Capital Base

ICRC: Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission of the ACT

IDGCC: Integrated Drying Gasification Combined Cycle

IGCC: Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

IPART: Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of NSW

IRG: Investor Reference Group

IRPC: Inter Regional Planning Committee



kV: Kilovolt

kW: Kilowatt

kWh: Kilowatt hour



LNG: Liquefied Natural Gas

LNSP: Local Network Service Provider



MAR: Maximum Allowable Revenue

MCE: Ministerial Council on Energy

MEAV: Modern Equivalent Asset Valuation

MLF: Marginal Loss Factor

MNSP: Market Network Service Provider

MOS: Market Operator Services

MOU: Memoranda of Understanding

MVA: Megavolt ampere

MW: Megawatt

MWh: Megawatt hour



National Electricity Law: National Electricity Law (NEL)

National Electricity Rules: National Electricity Rules (NER)

NCAS: Network Control Ancillary Service

NCC: National Competition Council

NCP: National Competition Policy

NDSC: Negotiated Distribution and Service Criteria

NEC: National Electricity Code

NECA: National Electricity Code Administrator

NEDF: National Electricity Distributors Forum

NEL: National Electricity Law

NEM: National Electricity Market

NEMDE: National Electricity Market Dispatch Engine

NEMF: National Electricity Distributors Forum

NEMMCO: National Electricity Market Management Company

NERL: National Energy Retail Law – (States and territories that operate under the NERL include New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory).

NERR: National Energy Retail Rules

NET: National Electricity Tribunal

NGF: National Generator Forum

NGL: National Gas Law

NGMBB: National Gas Market Bulletin Board

NGR: National Gas Rules

NSP: Network Service Provider

NTP: National Transmission Planner



OCGT: Open Cycle Gas Turbine

ODRC: Optimised Depreciated Replacement Cost

ODV: Optimised Deprival Value

OPEX: Operating Expenditure

ORC: Optimised Replacement Cost

OTC: Over-the-counter financial markets for electricity derivatives

OTTER: Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator



PASA: Projected Assessment of System Adequacy

PJ: Petajoule



Q:  Quarter

QCA: Queensland Competition Authority

QNI: Queensland to New South Wales Interconnector



RAB: Regulated Asset Base

Reliability Panel: The Reliability Panel is responsible under the market rules for:

(i) determining and maintaining the power system security and reliability standards;
(ii) determining and maintaining guidelines governing the exercise of NEMMCO’s power to issue power system directions;
(iii) determining and maintaining guidelines and policies governing the exercise of NEMMCO’s power to contract for the provision of reserves; and
(iv) reviewing the performance of the market in terms of power system security and reliability.

RERT: Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader

RET: Renewable Energy Target

RIEMNS: Review of the Integration of Energy Markets and Network Services

RIS: Regulatory Impact Statement

RIT-D: Regulatory Investment Test for Distribution

RIT-T: Regulatory Investment Test for Transmission

RoLR: Retailer of Last Resort

RRG: Retailer Reference Group



SAIDI: System Average Interruption Duration Index, means the length of time each customer is without supply when averaged over all customers in the distribution network (or defined part of the distribution network)

SAIFI: System Average Interruption Frequency Index, means the number of supply interruptions each customer experiences for the year when averaged over all customers on the distribution network (or defined part of the distribution network)

SFE: Sydney Futures Exchange

SOO: Statement of Opportunities

SRA: Settlement Residue Auction

SRAS: System Restart Ancillary Service

SRP: Statement of Regulatory Principles

SRP: Statement of regulatory principles



TAR: Tender Approval Request

TFP: Total Factor Productivity

TJ: Terajoule

TJ/d: Terajoules per day

TNSP: Transmission Network Service Provider

TPA: Trade Practices Act 1974

TSS: Tariff Structure Statement – the methodology for designing and charging network tariffs

TUOS: Transmission Use of System

TW: Terawatt

TWh: Terawatt hour – where Tera is an SI prefix and represents a multiplier of 1×10 to the power of 12



VENC: Victorian Energy Networks Corporation

VIC EDC: Victorian Electricity Distribution Code

VIC GSL: Victorian Guaranteed Service Level

VOLL: Value of Loss Load

VWA: Volume Weighted Average



WACC: Weighted Average Cost of Capital

WEPI: Wholesale Electricity Price Index


Glossary Original Source Australian Energy Regulator


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