Utility Bill Management

Improve data integrity, bill validation, streamline the procurement process, and reduce the overall category bottom line.

Bid’s digitized Utility Bill Management (UBM) is the only energy management platform with full Robotic Process Automation, capable of processing thousands of utility bills per minute. The cloud‐based platform simplifies the complex energy spend management process for small to large multisite businesses by automating manual billing processes to provide complete control over the full energy spend lifecycle.

About us


Bid’s Utility Bill Management is the perfect solution for businesses looking to achieve significant cost, speed, and accuracy advantages, that other more traditional service providers relying on manual processes, just can’t deliver.

Solving Your Pain Points

  • Require a single digital platform across all functions (accruals, payment, budgets, procurement, sustainability)
  • Need to digitize your manual Utility Bill Lifecycle Management
  • Want to increase Utility Bill category management speed, accuracy
  • Desire to decrease risk by reducing the number of mistakes caused by manual UBM processes
  • Reduce the manual resource hours required to manage the category and improve savings (procurement, contract leakage, bill validation, tariff & demand resets)
  • Needing immediate access to your validated data, that all stakeholders can trust is accurate
  • Support your mobile workforce with anywhere, anytime access to accurate historical utility data to easily create and revise budgets

Why us

  • A tried and tested Utility Bill Management Solution, Bid’s Platform is trusted by more than 100 market‑leading brands across Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. We process hundreds of thousands of bills annually.
  • A trusted innovator in Robotic Process Automation, Bid has transformed the world of utility bill management with its robotic workforce. Starting with just a handful of sites back in 2013 to a business that now manages more than 130,000 meters and over $1 billion in spend across more than 6 countries.
  • Bid delivers efficiencies and savings that our competitors can’t match.  As the industry-leading provider in RPA, we deliver greater efficiencies and improvements to reduce errors, provide real‑time insights, increased speed, and control.
  • Our dedicated team of professionals provides a top-tier customer-focused experience beginning from the initial sales process on through to onboarding and account management. 



Automate slow, resource-intensive utility management and bill processing.


Built‑in utility data completeness checks, quality assurance, and invoice control measures.


Automatic set and forget millisecond invoice collection, sourced directly from the retailer into the platform.


Immediately accessible client portal with reporting history and audit-grade data.


Comprehensive accruals & budgeting automation to drive accuracy and better planning.


Automated tariff reviews and analytics provide savings opportunities.


A fully-digitized platform, with unmatched savings capabilities.


Proactive data validation via instant parsing, validation, and storage, resulting in trustworthy data.


  • Bid’s Utility Bill Management (UBM) Platform is the only energy management platform with full Robotic Process Automation enabling the processing of thousands of utility bills per minute.
  • We simplify the complex energy spend management process for multisite businesses by automating management, payment, and validation, providing complete control over the energy spend life-cycle.
  • The platform captures and validates invoices, automates the accounts payable function, provides opportunities to reduce costs, and provides real‐time energy and financial information at the touch of a button.
  • Bid’s RPA provides exception management in order to deliver a significant reduction in the number of errors incurred. This provides real-time data which is accurate and instantly accessible, anywhere anytime.
  • Our SaaS solution is securely hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and with data sovereignty, the platform is quick to deploy, with minimal IT integration so customers can be up and running in a matter of weeks.
  • The UBM RPA Platform has been automating all aspects of the Utility Bill Management process for years, resulting in hundreds of satisfied customers.

*This information represents the core bid platform capability, access to all functionality may vary depending on geographical location. To better understand capability for your country please reach out to an experienced local representative.

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Client Testimonials

How UBM is transforming energy management

Hear from some of our satisfied clients who have transformed their businesses by utilizing our Utility Bill Management platform.

Thanks to our innovative Robotic Process Automation technology, these clients have been able to reduce their energy spend, improve data visibility, and reduce manual resource hours.

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