Utility Bill Concierge

Save your members money, reduce bill errors and always pay on time with bid’s Bill Concierge Service.

Utility Bill Concierge is the perfect B2B2B solution for large trusted Australian or New Zealand brands looking for ways to add value to your members. Bid’s Concierge services disrupt the typical broker model, as our digital platform is the first to leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) this ensures that members are on the lowest rates, without incurring any nasty commissions.

About us


If you are a large trusted Australian or New Zealand brand that has a large number of business clients and you are looking to help them save money, support them to always be on the lowest energy rates, maintain the best credit rating and reduce their utility bill headaches, bid Utility Bill Concierge can help.


Solving your members pain

  • Wanting a better deal on Energy, one of the most expensive overheads
  • Significate time is spent on manual utility bill management and contracting
  • Reduce the risk of overcharges, disconnections and improve your credit rating
  • Require easy anywhere anytime access to spend and usage dashboards to improve budgeting

Why us

  • A tried and tested Utility Bill Management Solution already being leveraged by over 100 market‑leading brands across Australia, the US, and the UK.
  • bid solutions leverage robotic process automation (RPA) that successfully removes the human intervention required to manage the Utility Bill Management lifecycle.
  • All other Utility Bill Management providers rely on manual and/or semi‑manual process and are unable to match the efficiency that only RPA can deliver.


client savings

No cost to your members, no cost to you and additional revenue opportunities

robotic automation

First-ever Robotic Process Automation Concierge model.

client savings

Saves your members valuable time, money and provides peace of mind.


SaaS Solution hosted on the secure AWS platform with quick deployment and minimal IT integration.

bill validation

Comfort knowing that all bills are automatically validated to ensure all charges are correct.

pay on time

Member will always pay on time, no more nasty disconnection warnings.

bid bills

Ability to bid their bills in the market for increased competition and greater savings.

automated bill collection

Automatic bill collection from retailer, no need for you or your members to do anything.


  • bid Utility Bill Concierge is disrupting the way SME’s procure energy, we have developed the first live bidding platform powered by RPA where all retailers are invited to compete for your member’s energy.


  • No cost to the trusted brand or to their members and bid has a fully transparent process and does not earn commissions.


  • bid automatically collects energy bills on behalf of your members and checks that they are being charged correctly and the platform has built-in reminders to ensure that bills are always paid on time to maintain the best possible credit rating.


  • The Concierge solution can save your members valuable time and provides peace of mind to time-poor businesses so they can focus on more critical tasks.
  • The AWS cloud-hosted platform means minimal IT integration is required so you and your members can be up and running in no time.


  • Get closer to your members and provide them savings and value-added services at no cost to you, or them.  And bid will continue to benchmark your member’s utility usage and spend against similar business types; over time this will provide even more ongoing opportunities to save.


*This information represents the core bid platform capability, access to all functionality may vary depending on geographical location. To better understand capability for your country please reach out to an experienced local representative.

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Utility Bill Concierge

Why Bill Identity?

In a world of volatility and rising prices, the agility to decisively act on opportunities, (powered by accurate and readily available data) is becoming increasingly critical for
business success. bid has identified and has evolved its offering to provide a range of services and provide relevant solutions to a variety of businesses with different levels of complexity.
Commercialized in 2013, bid has transformed the world of bill management with its robotic workforce, starting with just a handful of sites to a business that now manages more than 135,000 meters over 4 countries with over $1bn of utility spend alone under management.

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"The bid SaaS platform is trusted by over 100 Big named clients across Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, America, and Canada."

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