Utility Bill Parsing

Extract data from ePDF utility invoices quickly and accurately with Utility Bill Parsing.

Bill Identity (Bid’s) Utility Bill Parsing SaaS platform enables organizations to capture their billing data to make it actionable. With the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) the platform automatically collects, extracts, and presents utility bills data back to you, removing manual data collection, improving accuracy, and reducing expensive errors.

About Utility Bill Parsing


Utility Bill Parsing can collect and extract data from ePDF utility invoices quickly and with audit-grade accuracy.

The bill document is the single source of truth for company-wide utility spend. It’s the crucial artifact that underpins sustainability and finance audit transactions. Yet, many Energy Brokers, Sustainability Solution Providers, and Energy and Carbon Consulting companies cannot effectively manage and control the power of all this data.    

If you are experiencing issues with inaccurate reporting, data accuracy, and the manual costs of data entry is negatively impacting your bottom line, Utility Bill Parsing can help.

Utility Bill Parsing extracts utility data, validates it, and then delivers it back in a streamlined format (JSON or CSV file type).  The data can then be integrated with other enterprise systems like your Enterprise Resource Planning, Budgeting tools, Energy Management systems, and more.   

Solving Your Pain Points

  • Inaccurate reporting because you can’t easily and accurately extract ePDF utility bills
  • You don’t trust that your data is accurate
  • You can’t easily find or understand your customers’ total energy spend
  • Your customer billing is often inaccurate
  • Manual data entry is expensive to fund and often inaccurate
  • You’re lacking trustworthy reporting, can’t get access to actionable insights, and have limited visibility to market trends

Why Us

  • A tried and tested automated data extraction platform leveraged by over 200 market‑leading brands across the globe.
  • The solution leverages robotic process automation (RPA) that successfully removes the human intervention required to manage the Utility Bill Management lifecycle.
  • Other data extraction providers that rely on manual and semi‑manual processes cannot match the efficiency that only RPA can deliver.
  • The secure SaaS-based platform hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, means you can be up and running and benefiting quickly. 



20+ utility bill data points extracted from an electronic (ePDF) invoice.


Disparate data is presented back to you in a consistent JSON or CSV file type.


Extracted data can be easily used within most third-party solutions for a seamless experience.


Hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, quick to deploy, and no upfront costs.

robotic automation

Frictionless bill collection using robotic process automation (RPA).


Sophisticated bill validation, improving data quality and integrity.


Global utility bill parsing from a supplier that specializes in the utility sector.

end user experience

Utility Bill Parsing has parsers set up in over 44 countries and counting.


  • Improve your reporting accuracy with organized utility data you can trust
  • Replace your expensive, error-prone manual data entry with an automated, frictionless, and validated process to extract and input ePDF utility bills
  • Easily understand your customer’s total energy spend
  • Trust that your customers billing is accurate with validated source data
  • Unlock data that can deliver trustworthy reporting, quality actionable insights to drive continuous improvement
  • No IT integration is required and there is no upfront CapEx required, resulting in a faster, easier implementation

Bid’s Utility Bill Parsing SaaS platform enables organizations to capture their billing data and make it actionable.
The platform leverages Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to collect source ePDF utility bills, extract the data from them, then organizes it and presents it back to you in a JSON or CSV file type.


*This information represents the core Utility Bill Parsing platform capability, access to all functionality may vary depending on geographical location. To better understand capability for your country please reach out to an experienced local representative.

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Utility Bill Parsing

Why Bill Identity?

In a world of volatility and rising prices, the agility to decisively act on opportunities, (powered by accurate and readily available data) is becoming increasingly critical for business success. Bid has identified and has evolved its offering to provide a range of services and provide relevant solutions to a variety of businesses with different levels of complexity.
Commercialized in 2013, bid has transformed the world of bill management with its robotic workforce, starting with just a handful of sites to a business that now manages more than 330,000 meters over 40 countries with over $5bn of utility spend alone under management.

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