Utility Rebates

Comprehensive rebate administration services for energy efficiency. Available to clients across the United States and Canada, Bid’s Rebates services can eliminate the complex and time-intensive rebate acquisition process, from early-stage guidance during CapEx budgeting through to pre-approvals, site inspections, final applications and check expediting.

For a company seeking to make the best use of its capital and operating dollars, capturing rebates and incentives is an effective way to accelerate the payback on energy-efficient new construction and retrofit projects.  This in-turn helps fund additional projects and reduces the total cost of ownership. For a company seeking to optimize its rebate capture process, working with Bid’s Rebate Team is a corporate-wide best practice.

Utility Rebates


Bid Utility Rebates is the perfect outsourced solution for high-volume and/or high-velocity efficiency upgrades, and can relieve the pain for energy, construction and facility departments who just don’t have the time to chase rebates for new facilities or remodels.

Solving your Pain Points

  • Can not effectively calculate which sites will yield the best rebate and ROI outcomes
  • Overwhelm from the administrative burden to research and understand rebate programs
  • Lack of bandwidth to manage the complex and cumbersome application process
  • Existence of outdated/inefficient lighting, HVAC and other energy-consuming equipment
  • Introduction of sustainability and energy reduction goals

Why Us

  • Our services extend across the United States and Canada, covering all project types and all energy-efficient technologies. We provide prototype reviews, budgetary rebate estimates, energy savings calculations, coordination with your vendors, negotiation with rebate programs, and of course, rebate capture.
  • Through our consultative service, we are with you every step of the way, providing early-stage guidance during CapEx budgeting, right on through to project scheduling and roll-out.
  • As an extension of your team, we will help you optimize site selection, offer input on equipment specifications, and assist with staging the implementation strategically.
  • Our rebate team will manage the application process end-to-end; negotiating project qualification and payouts, coordinating site inspections, expediting approvals and payments, and reporting regularly to ensure the highest level of customer service.


Early-stage budgetary consulting, including rebate estimates

Project scheduling and implementation guidance

Comprehensive end-to-end application management

Pre-approval confirmations

Utility site-inspection coordination

Custom rebate and incentive negotiations to maximize dollars


Trusted and experienced team


  • Bid’s Rebates team carefully manages the complex and time‑intensive rebate acquisition process: from early‑stage budgeting guidance through to pre‑approvals, site inspections, final applications, and check expediting.
  • We assist in offsetting the cost of upgrading your equipment to energy-efficient equipment, including lighting, HVAC, food-service equipment, motors, drives, refrigeration, and much more.
  • By identifying rebates in advance, you the opportunity to see the ROI before the initiative is even approved. This allows CapEx dollars to go further, while also freeing up valuable internal resources.
  • Our services are an outsourced alternative for high‑volume and/or high‑velocity efficiency upgrades. We can relieve the burden for energy, construction, and facility departments who do not have the time to chase rebates.
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Case Studies

A North American Retail Giant

A North American retail giant with a focus on leveraging rebate funding to improve energy efficiency across their portfolio, but lacking the rebate expertise to deliver.  A household name in the US and Canada, this client has more than 2,000 big-box stores throughout the US and over 60 in Canada. Their strategic vison was to utilize rebates and incentives to offset the cost of upgrading interior and exterior lighting, as well as HVAC equipment, throughout their facility portfolio. The task of identifying and securing rebates across hundreds of sites for multiple upgrade initiatives would be resource-intensive, cumbersome, and complex.

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"A trusted and experienced Rebates team who have successfully managed over 250,000 energy-efficiency related projects.”

“The consultative approach was great, they were with me every step of the way from early-stage guidance for CapEx budgeting and all the way to roll-out”

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