Since establishing our partnership with Bid, we have seen a significant improvement in terms of efficiency, productivity, and return on investment

Q: How long have you been using working with us?

A: Our organization began working with the Bid team in 2019 and has continued our partnership with the company into the current year.

Q: Are there multiple departments or teams involved in these projects? If so, which?

In order to achieve optimal results, several teams within our organization collaborate with the Bill Identity (Bid) team on a frequent basis. These teams include Real Estate, Construction and Engineering, Strategic Sourcing, and Energy.

Q: How do you and your team currently work with Bid? What types of goals or tasks are you using our services to accomplish?

A: The Bid team assists our organization with a variety of services within the area of utility-based rebate administration. We collectively work together to identify areas of opportunity for energy-efficiency related investments and any potential incentives that may be associated with those efforts. We jointly work through the processes of project and location selection, application preparation, site inspections, post-installation reviews, and any compliance-related matters.

Q: What was your team’s process for rebate capture prior to working with us?

A: Prior to working with Bid, we utilized another provider to assist with utility rebate administration and energy-efficiency related incentives. However, our previous provider lacked the technical expertise and experience needed on the subject matter, and also provided limited guidance towards areas of opportunity and process improvements.

Q: What were the major pain points of your process prior to working with us? Why do you think the team ran into these issues?

A: Prior to our partnership with Bid, we lacked a partner with specific expertise in the area of energy-efficiency and utility-based incentives. As such, it resulted in a learn-as-you-go effort, which resulted in a number of inefficiencies and potential risks. Additionally, we sought a partner with the resource capabilities needed to adapt to our company’s fast-paced organic growth and evolving strategic vision. The historical process quickly became very time consuming and inefficient for our team members. Because of Bill Identity’s unique skillset and trusted relationships within the utility marketplace, we have been able to use those attributes to improve and expedite our process.

Q: Were there any high-level efficiency initiatives or goals that prompted the decision to engage in the sustainability upgrades (LEDs, HVAC retrofits, etc.)? For example, was this decision motivated by a company-wide vision?

A: Our organization is committed to improving our environmental performance, and the various programs that are currently available enable us to take an important step to achieve energy efficiency.

Q: Were there any deal breakers involved in your decision to become a customer of Bid’s? If so, what?

A: Our primary focus when selecting a provider for this project was identifying an organization with the technical expertise required to help us with the many facets of rebate administration. Bid’s vast experience in this area set them apart from the competition.

Q: What have people been saying about Bid since they’ve started working with us?

A: Our team members value the partnership that Bid shares with our organization. Since working together, we have seen an improvement in terms of our process and the rate of success on our strategic initiatives. This achievement is in tandem to the valued relationship that we share with the Bill Identity project team. Our team is pleased with the high-quality service that Bid provides.

Q: By working with us can you measure any improvements in productivity, time savings, or efficiency? If so, what?

Since establishing our partnership with Bid, we have seen a significant improvement in terms of efficiency, productivity, and return on investment. Prior to engaging with Bid Energy, the process was very time consuming for our team and limited our ability to focus on additional value-added opportunities.

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