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About us

We operate across Australia, New Zealand, the USA, United Kingdom, and Europe and deliver Utility Bill Management Solutions, trusted by many complex businesses to automate manual processes, improve data visibility, integrity, and control.

Our Innovations

We are a contemporary tech company that is proud of our achievements.

First to launch a combinatorial auction platform that delivers much lower costs for multi-site companies.

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First to integrate a procurement auction platform with the data required to run the event, therefore removing data preparation lead time.

First to introduce a flat-rate subscription model for energy spend management with no misaligned commissions or so-called ‘out of scope’ consulting fees.

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First to validate and process bills using the original PDF document complementing an EDI file copy of the original invoice – delivering the gold standard in accuracy and audit ability.

First to move the energy data management and end to end bill processing function to a dedicated Energy RPA platform that delivered speed and accuracy outcomes unmatched by semi-automated process.

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First to manage the end to end Energy Spend Management lifecycle on a single cloud-based platform.

Trusted by

Board & Executive Team

Our Executive Team is supported by a highly reputable and experienced Board of Directors

Peter Tonagh

Non-Executive Chairman

Geoff Kleemann

Independent Non-Executive Director

Leanne Graham

Independent Non-Executive Director

David Hancock

Independent Non-Executive Director

Lior Harel

General Counsel & Company Secretary

Michele Garra

Chief Executive Officer

Michele Garra

Chief Executive Officer

Ben Rouncefield-Swales

Executive Vice President, UK & Europe

Fionn O'Keeffe

Chief Financial Officer

Lior Harel

General Counsel & Company Secretary

Graeme Cox

Chief Technology Officer


Are you interested in a career with Bid? Our staff are invested, energized, curious, and have the courage and support to deliver innovative outcomes for our clients.

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