We’ve partnered with Xero to help Australian business reduce their electricity expenses and improve cash flow.  Read the ASX release here

What is Utility Bill Concierge?   

Utility Bill Concierge allows your members to effortlessly upload an electronic pdf Electricity bill (Epdf) to benchmark their bills, identify any savings, and enter a live bidding event.  All electricity suppliers are invited weekly to participate and compete by bidding for your electricity supply, potentially saving your members thousands per year.  It can even integrate with your system so you can publish your bills directly to reduce administrative burden.

How can it help my members?

You can promote Utility Bill Concierge to your members likely to be looking to reduce their electricity expenses and improve cash flow.  Their bills can be collected and validated ongoing and if required interaction can be created into other platforms to eliminate the need for manual data entry.

What are the key benefits for my members?

  1. Simple benchmarking and switching process:  When a potential savings opportunity is identified, all offers will be presented so you can choose the one that fits you best.  No more shopping around for the best deal – make them come to you!

  2. Manage all your electricity accounts in one place: Utility Bill Concierge supports Bookkeepers and multisite businesses with multitenant management, easily create multiple accounts to access all your Electricity accounts and bills in one place.

  3. Easy digitized Letter of Authority process (if required):  If your members want us to do all the hard work, they can easily sign a digitized Letter of Authority (LOA), then they can sit back and relax, we’ll collect, validate, and store your bills ongoing for easy anywhere anytime access.

  4. We’ll keep searching for better deals:  Once you have secured a great deal, we’ll track when its due to expire and automatically benchmark you again to identify we can find you a better deal again.

  5. Utility Bill Concierge costs you and your members nothing:  Utility Bill Concierge will cost you and your members nothing, and there is no obligation to accept any of the offers presented to you.

  6. Developing integration into other platforms is easy:  Your members can benefit from integration by eliminating any administration and manual data entry required with your electricity bills.

Which Electricity Retailers are we working with?

We have just launched Utility Bill Concierge for Xero and of their registered users can now access Utility Bill Concierge without any cost, we encourage all electricity retailers to participate in the bidding process, so all members have more opportunities to save more money on their electricity supply. All retailers will pay the same fee for a successful acquisition ensuring a level playing field for all retailers. 

If you are a Registered Xero Customer?  Find out more here

Are you a large trusted brand with lots of members?

Click here to see the Utility Bill Concierge platform in action and how it can help secure your members a great electricity deal.

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