A North American retail giant with a focus on leveraging rebate funding to improve energy efficiency across their portfolio but lacking the rebate expertise to deliver.

A household name in the US and Canada, this client has more than 2,000 big-box stores throughout the US and over 60 in Canada. Their strategic vision was to utilize rebates and incentives to offset the cost of upgrading interior and exterior lighting, as well as HVAC equipment, throughout their facility portfolio. The task of identifying and securing rebates across hundreds of sites
for multiple upgrade initiatives would be resource-intensive, cumbersome, and complex.

In addition to securing rebates, the company needed guidance about which stores should be included and how installation schedules should be prioritized to maximize the financial return for each

Lacking the expertise and capacity to effectively manage both the equipment upgrades and the rebates, they didn’t know which sites to prioritize but didn’t want to sacrifice financial return by spreading their internal resources too thin.


The company decided to outsource rebate identification and management to a third-party provider. With the minimal internal understanding of how to maximize rebates for large-scale
initiatives and overwhelmed by the administrative burden of submitting hundreds of applications, the company decided to outsource the rebate management.

BidEnergy’s rebates team provided early-stage guidance and an implementation strategy to the company. This early feedback instilled confidence in our capabilities and ultimately led to their decision to award BidEnergy with the rebate management business for all of their projects.

Key opportunities identified were:

• Leverage domain knowledge and experience to identify an implementation scheduled which would maximize the ROIs for their LED and HVAC initiatives.
• Streamline the process of submitting and expediting the hundreds of energy efficiency applications.
• Provide peace of mind that the process would be managed on time and on budget.
• Manage the overall process to ensure that the initiative delivered the maximum financial returns with minimal disruption to the installation schedules.


BidEnergy’s Rebates team guided site selection and installation schedules, helping the client to earn over $15M in rebates for 370 projects, spanning 36 states. The client utilized BidEnergy’s expert guidance to earn an incremental seven figures of rebates over what was originally projected, by swapping out ineligible sites for sites that qualified for large rebates.

BidEnergy minimized the administrative burden for the client’s internal team by working directly with equipment & installation vendors to secure every necessary pre-approval, while still keeping the installation schedules moving forward smoothly.


• The company desires to improve energy efficiency and maximize their return on investment.
• With a footprint across all 50 States and hundreds of rebate programs, identifying and securing incentives is cumbersome and complex.
• They lacked the internal rebate expertise and capacity to effectively plan the implementation
• The company did not want to sacrifice return by spreading internal resources to thin.
• Their team was overwhelmed by the administrative burden of submitting and expediting hundreds of rebate applications.


• BidEnergy’s vast experience and expertise were leveraged to develop a robust implementation strategy that ensured all energy efficiency projects were prioritized to deliver the best possible
financial returns.
• Careful and considered analysis was conducted to determine which sites would yield the most robust rebates and the best financial outcomes.
• The administrative burden was avoided by the company as BidEnergy managed all facets of the rebate administration process.
• More than $15 million of rebates has been reserved and/or secured, with much more expected over the coming months.

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