Utility Bill Concierge for Xero – Frequently Asked Questions

Proudly partnering with Xero to help Australian business reduce their electricity expenses and improve cash flow.

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What is Utility Bill Concierge all about?

Utility Bill Concierge allows you to effortlessly upload an electronic pdf Electricity bill (Epdf) to benchmark your bills, identify any savings and enter a live bidding event.  All electricity suppliers are invited to participate and compete by bidding for your electricity supply, potentially save thousands per year.  And then ongoing the simple integration allows you to publish your bills directly to Xero.

How can it help me?

Utility Bill Concierge is available to all Registered Xero users who are looking for help to reduce their electricity expenses, allowing you to potentially save money and improve cash flow.  Using the easy integration, you can also publish your electricity bills directly into your Xero General Ledger and the platform will collect and validate your bills ongoing eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing your administrative burden.

Unfortunately, if you are part of an embedded network, you will not be able to participate in the bidding event.

Which electricity retailers do you work with?

Utility Bill Concierge is a completely free and independent platform for registered Xero users and provides open access for any electricity retailers to take part in. We encourage all energy retailers to participate, to provide you with more opportunities to save more money on your electricity supply.

How do I get Started?

The easiest way to get started is to ensure you have an original pdf version of your Electricity bill (Epdf).  Unfortunately, the platform is unable to read scanned or photocopied versions of electricity bills.  If you are unable to access an Epdf of your most recent electricity bill, you can complete the digital Letter of Authority (LOA), which will enable us to collect bills on your behalf.

Can I upload and bid on my Residential Epdf bill?

Utility Bill Concierge has been designed to support registered Xero customers who run their businesses from home. You will be able to upload your residential bills, just like business bills, but if your usage is less than an average business when you bid your bill, you may be less likely to receive any bids from participating retailers.

Why won’t my bill load properly?

First – Make sure you have the most recent, original electronic pdf (Epdf) bill from your current electricity retailer.  Scanned or photocopies bills are likely to cause errors in the upload.  If you are having trouble, you can also choose to sign the digital Letter of Authority (LOA), which enables us to collect and upload the bills on your behalf.

Why do I need to sign a Letter of Authority (LOA)?

It sounds a little formal, doesn’t it? The letter of Authority (LOA) means that we/ or your trusted advisor can do all the hard work for you.  Only the owner of the business is able to sign the digital letter of authority, but we have designed it to be pain-free and will take less than a minute to complete.  Our digital LOA is easy to access and by digitally signing it we’ll manage:

  • Inviting all Electricity suppliers to bid for your bills
  • Coordinate all the bids and present all offers to you
  • Ongoing bill collection, validation, and integration into Xero
  • And when your contract is due to expire, we’ll automatically re-benchmark your bills again and contact you if we can identify a better deal.
  • You are also able to authorize your trusted advisor to accept offers and transfer your accounts on your behalf

How do I invite all electricity suppliers to bid on my energy bills?

Once you upload your bill/s, any identified savings will be shown on your dashboard.  And you will be automatically scheduled into the next bidding event where all participating retailers will be invited to bid on your bill/s.

If you do not have any potential savings identified, you won’t be included in the next bidding event.  But we’ll continue to benchmark your new bills until we can find you a better deal.

Can you guarantee me a great offer?

Some of you may already be on a great rate, so benchmarking your bills may not always identify potential savings.  But we continue to add value by validating and re-benchmarking your bills, so when savings are identified you’ll be notified and automatically scheduled in the next bidding event.

How much can businesses save?

How much you can save will depend on your current rates, your geography and the amount of electricity you use.  But the Utility Bill Concierge takes the hassle out it all by benchmarking your bill against the best rates available in your area.  And identifies potential opportunities to save.

How do I link Utility Bill Concierge to Xero?

  • Log in to the Utility Bill Concierge Platform directly or via Utility Bill Concierge Product Page.
  • Create your new account by entering your full name, email address, and password.
  • Identify any savings simply upload your Epdf Electricity bill/s  into the drag and drop tool, on the ‘Upload bill” page, your bill will then be automatically benchmarked, identifying saving opportunities, to invite all electricity retailers to compete (Bid) for your business, you need to sign the digital Letter of Authority (LOA).
  • Integration with Xero is easy via the home screen “Dashboard” click on the “Xero SetUp” button, and then the “Connect to Xero”, you’ll then be redirected to log into your Xero account, then click ‘Allow Access’ to finalize your Xero integration and complete your ‘Account’ and ‘Supplier Mapping’ to ensure you can successfully publish the right bill/s to the correct Xero account.

How do I add or edit my accounts?

Remember to complete the simple integration with   Xero so each of your Accounts you can easily publish your bill directly into your Xero General Ledger.

  • You can easily add additional business accounts from the ‘Setup” screen and click ‘Add New Account” button.
  • You can also easily view or edit account details by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button on this screen.

How do I add more than one customer to my account?

Trusted advisors are able to register as many accounts as they like to their Utility Bill Concierge account.

  • You can easily add additional business accounts from the ‘Setup” screen and click ‘Add New Account” button.
  • You can also easily view or edit account details by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button on this screen.

What information will appear in my Xero Account?

The bill data from the most recent bill will be sent direct to Xero and appear as a draft bill waiting to be approved.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Utility Bill Concierge has a more detailed ‘Help Centre’ that can be accessed here.

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